Common issues & testing yourself

Form2Content is a powerful extension but is also dependent on thorough Joomla understanding. Each F2C installation is unique as it's a CCK and each user creates his or her own forms and templates. As a result it's important that you understand and test van you create before asking support.

Guidelines for preventing and solving issues

  • If you can't make it a Joomla article, you can't make it in F2C. So test plugins first in a Joomla article to see if they work!
  • Follow the step by step tutorials. Jumping ahead will not work, confuse you and make you ask questions you shouldn't.
  • Install the sample data for extra information. Than create your own F2C content type.
  • ALWAYS get F2C working in the back-end FIRST before going to the front-end.
  • Use the Joomla article manager (JAM) to check the generated article content (html). Easy to than backtrack changes needed in teh F2C template.
  • Switch PHP error reporting ON. F2C will tell you your possible mistakes, especially useful for templating syntax!

Common Mistakes Documentation

How to implement and test with F2C
Buttons don't work, can't save
Intro text shows in articles
Blank screen after saving
Image cropping popup issues

Documentation release notice

The Form2Content Documentation is maintained for the latest release of Form2Content LITE and PRO and Joomla 3.x. Please always use latest versions. Feel free to ask any questions via the F2C Forum after reading the documentation first. Thank you!

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