The possibilities for using Form2Content to create Joomla are very vast. Each week we provide support to great ideas of how to make managing your Joomla articles easy while creating complex article layouts or even relations between articles.

Some general tips

  • Always replace the {  } tags of Joomla content plugins in your F2C template with {ldelim} {rdelim} for our Smarty Templating system.
  • If you have a new F2C template, use the same name (or replace the content of the existing) so you don't need manually update each article.
  • Use batch refresh in the F2C back-end article manager to update all the articles after a F2C template change.

Tips & Tricks Documentation

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Documentation release notice

The Form2Content Documentation is maintained for the latest release of Form2Content LITE and PRO and Joomla 3.x. Please always use latest versions. Feel free to ask any questions via the F2C Forum after reading the documentation first. Thank you!

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