Free text (keyword) search using F2C Search

Form2Content Search allows your website visitor to do free text searches on Joomla articles created by F2C. This keyword based search can be set up with several extra features.

Main differences of F2C keyword search versus Joomla search

  • Search result articles are limited to the F2C Content type ... so not all Joomla articles are searched
  • Search results are shown via com_form2contentsearch and thus use categroy blog layout
  • No more search page options that users don't understand
  • Keyword search can be limited to any text fields (think article title, meta description, meta keywords and your F2C text fields)
  • The keyword search can be combined with other F2C search fields (drop-down).


Setting up the free text (keyword) search in F2C Search

1) Create new search and select the F2C Content Type

2) Set the display results as usual for the search

3) Click on the search fields option

4) Add new search field: FREE TEXT type

5) Fill out the options and select the different data fields form the list where the search should look

6) Save and close ;)

7) Add a new F2C Search module and select the previously created search. Publish in your Joomla template


Display empty value in the search box

If you like to display a text in the empty search field to help you website visitors understand what they can search for use the following text in the attribute field under step 5 above.

placeholder="my search text"


F2C Cheat-sheet

An overview of all template parameters (placeholders for your form data). These are used in your F2C intro and main template to parse the data from your submission forms into the Joomla article.



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