Import & export of F2C Content types

From F2C Pro it is possible to export and import content types. Please note that when you want to transfer a content type to another website the Form2Content and Joomla version need to be the same. The reason is because of possible differences in settings and options.

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Import and export options in the content type manager

The F2C import and export feature of Content Types can be found in the content type manager. components >> form2content >> content type manager

What is exported & imported?

The import & export feature of Form2Content combines all the Content Type settings, the custom fields and the related templates into one xml file. F2C does NOT export the article data of your content type.

Export a F2C Content Type

By clicking on the SAVE button in the last column the respective content type is exported as a XML file (.xml) and can be saved. The name of the file corresponds to the Content Type name, F2C version and Joomla version.

Import a F2C Content Type

Importing a content type (xml file) is done in the Content Type manager. After the import you have to CHECK some settings!

1) In the Content Type configuration set the CATEGORY SELETION where the Joomla article are saved.
2) IF you have non default Joomla PERMISSIONS and usergroups, check them for the new content type.
3) Create MENU LINKS to the F2C front-end article manager if this feature is required.

Install plugins used in the Content Type templates

If you used any Joomla plugin(s) for your articles and inserted the code in the F2C templates, these plugins need to also be installed on the website where you imported the F2C Content Type.

F2C Cheat-sheet

An overview of all template parameters (placeholders for your form data). These are used in your F2C intro and main template to parse the data from your submission forms into the Joomla article.



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