Common mistakes

Blank screen after saving

This common issue occurs when there is a Smarty mistake in your F2C template. If you have (php) error reporting set to 'on' you will actually get a nice notice telling you what you did wrong ... if not, you get a blank screen. Please check your F2C templates for common mistakes like missing {/if} tags, no $ sign in the template parameters {$FIELDNAME} or using {} tags for your Joomla plugin code instead of {ldelim} and {rdelim} ....

Intro text shows in articles

This is actually a Joomla setting! You can set 'show intro' to hidden in the Joomla article manager settings (global). If you only want it for articles created with F2C you can override this setting automatically for every created article. Go to the content type configuration, second tab and set 'show intro' to hidden....

Front-end problems after upgrade

After upgrading it might be necessary to edit and save your F2C menu links. The reason is that new or updated menu settings need to be saved.

Can't edit stuff in the front-end

Permission, permissions and permissions! Please check your permissions starting at the component level via the OPTIONS button (right-hand top in F2C article manager). From there go to the Content type manager and set permission per content type.

Can't see all the articles in the front-end

There are two settings (because of backwards compatibility). One is in the global configuration of the component (the options button in the F2C article manager). Set view all or own articles to all.

The other which actually overrides this is found in the men options of the linkt to the F2C dront-end article manager. Set view all or own to all.

I can see unpublished articles

Publsihing and navigation is done for 100% by Joomla so NO this is not a Form2Content issue. It is very likely that you are signed in as a user in the front-end. In this case Joomla will show your unpublished articles. However any visitor to your website will not see these articles.

F2C Cheat-sheet

An overview of all template parameters (placeholders for your form data). These are used in your F2C intro and main template to parse the data from your submission forms into the Joomla article.



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