About Form2Content Forms & Fields

Form2Content forms are used to collect data to generate Joomla articles. Each content type has it's own form. Each form can have as many fields as you like. You can access the Fields Manager by clicking on the  in the Content Type Manager. Please read about article templating on how to get the data from the forms into your Joomla article.

Form2Content Field types

How to create your custom article submission form

Adding fields to your article submission form

In the F2C Content type manager you will see a button in the second column called fields, next to the name of your content type(s). Clicking this button will take you to the Fields of the respective Content Type (second image).

Click on the NEW button (top right hand corner) and a new field can be added. The default field type is 'checkbox', select the field type you want to add using the drop-down in the 5th setting. Notice the field settings will change according to your choice.

Unique field name

Having chosen a Field Type, the field name is the next thing to add. The field name must be unique (per Content type) and isn't allowed to have space or other weird characters.

The field name = the template parameter

In order to 'paste' the data from the field into the Joomla article (later on) we use so called template parameters. The name for the custom fields are directly linked to the field names.

Therefore if your field name is: my_article_mage
The template parameter will be: {$MY_ARTICLE_IMAGE}

Choose a field name which represents the data, this way it will be easy to remember when you add them to your F2C article template.

Add a caption and set the field settings

Finish adding the field by placing a caption and filling out the field settings. You can often come back to change or update settings at a later stage (except for images which have already been uploaded, they will need to be re-uploaded if size is changed).

Add as many fields as you like

Repeat the steps and add as many custom fields to your form as you like. You can order the fields and add text in between using the Info Text field type.

F2C Cheat-sheet

An overview of all template parameters (placeholders for your form data). These are used in your F2C intro and main template to parse the data from your submission forms into the Joomla article.



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