Google maps plugin by Mike Reumer

compat f2c litecompat f2c pro Showing a location on Google maps within your article can be a great feature for many types of content. Using the Form2Content Geocoder field type and Mike Reumers Google Maps plugin this becomes very easy.

The plugin has many settings and overrides. The basic syntax can be kept simple but here is a list of some of the options:

{mosmap width='100%'|height='500px'|lat='52.075581'|lon='4.541513'|zoom='15'|zoomType='Large'|showScale='1'| zoomNew='1'|mapType='Satellite'|showMaptype='1'|overview='1'|text=' html stuff'|tooltip='tooltip'}

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not have extra spaces anywhere. We strongly suggest to first get the plugin working in a normal Joomla article BEFORE adding the code to your F2C template and inserting the template variables.

F2C Lite example

compat f2c lite Form2Content Lite doesn't have the Geocoder field type but the plugin can still be used in combination with two text boxes, one for latitude and one for longitude.

{ldelim}mosmap width='450'|height='300'|lat='{$LATITUDE}'|lon='{$LONGITUDE}'|text='Anything you want'{rdelim} 
No coordinates submitted.

F2C Pro example

compat f2c pro In F2C Pro you can let visitors generate the latitude/longitude based on an address. Our F2C unique field name used for our geocoder field type is geocoder. We also test if a location has been submitted. A field called marker_text is used for the content of the marker. This can be made more interesting of course.

{ldelim}mosmap width='450'|height='300'|lat='{$GEOCODER_LAT}'|lon='{$GEOCODER_LON}'|text=' {$MARKER_TEXT}'{rdelim} 
No coordinates submitted.

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